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Dirty Dubb lost a lot of who he was in regards to his morality at a young age to the glorified streetlife. Inspired by his wife and kids, he has decided to jump head first into pursuing his musical aspirations. While lyrically Dirty Dubb is based in hip-hop, he doesn’t like to be pinned down to one genre saying, he creates music that knows no bounds. It’s more about people connecting to the music than the genre it may or may not fall into.




When Dirty Dubb first entered the music scene, he was in a band. Listening to a lot of Alice in Chains at the time. He then found himself being inspired by Crucifix saying, “It's his music that really helped me open up my eyes to not allowing specifications of genres and stereotypes to keep my music from being what it can really be,” adding, “My music shows a lot of motivation to people who seem trapped in everyday life having to settle for less than who they feel they are. I am legally blind and spent a lot of my life being told what I could and could not do. I've seen many people bust out of the chain that the world tried to trap them in and strive for things that they had been taught they would never have.”




Not letting anyone tell him what he cannot do in life, Dirty Dubb has worked hard to achieve all he’s done so far including being featured in Muddy Beats Magazine. To date he’s dropped a triad of singles that include “Breaking Down,” “Last Man Standing” and “Keep Pushing.” The first two will be on his upcoming release From the Streets to the Beatz mixtape, while the last will be on his album, Lazuras. The third single takes the best of southern blues and hip-hop and blends them into a mixed drink that goes down smooth.




Once he solidifies himself with his mixtape and album, he hopes that he can start focusing on music full time. Then transform from an artist into a label owner and manager so that he can then give back to artists just like him.


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